9 Best Day Trips from Colorado Springs

Paradise for the lover of true nature because of its beautiful Alpine landscape, Colorado Springs has been a tourist destination for decades. As a result, it has grown into the second largest city in the state, boasting some of the world’s most famous museums, universities and fast-growing restaurants. This, combined with the reserve of natural attractions offered in the nearby region, makes Colorado Springs an undisputed destination for both domestic and foreign travelers alike. Well achieved by car, this day trip from Colorado Springs is a perfect escape for those who want to return to nature and out of town.

1. The Garden of God

It is aptly named because of the structure of large boulders, towers, and stacks filled throughout this pack of various landscapes. The attractive combination of forest, forest, and mountainous forest makes it one of the most fascinating parks in the world, with a wide range of activities to offer. From mountaineering and horseback riding just to get a good spot to enjoy the beautiful views, the Garden of the Gods has something for everyone and is actually registered as a National Natural Landmark.

2. Royal Gorge

Not for those who are stubborn about climbing, this modern trip will see you parked high above the wind taking the sandstone gorge known as the Royal Gorge. Home to the highest bridge in the United States, along with the swing, zip line and gondola, there are endless ways to feel the amazing height and beautiful view of the canyon. If you would like to explore it from the base, you can take a train along the railroad around the Arkansas River Valley, or even a raft along the river itself.

3. Drive to Woodland Park

A trip to Woodland Park takes you northwest, up and down the first ridge of the Rocky Mountains and over to some of Colorado’s most beautiful landscapes throughout the state. The sudden rise in height means that you can expect a white pearl, snow-covered area, which makes driving between attractions more enjoyable. The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center is a must see for anyone interested in paleontology, and it is packed with fascinating exhibits.

4. Indian Peaks Wilderness Area

Home to a real snowflake and within easy drive distance from Colorado Springs, the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area is a popular desert destination, thanks to its rugged beauty, but also its easy access to urban areas like Denver. Here you will find windy, snowy peaks, forested tundra, and snow views. There is no denying that mountaineering here is of the highest quality.

5. Georgetown

The typical American mining town of Georgetown has a small population of 1000, and the city’s unparalleled charm that sees crowds flock every weekend to see the area, visit the magnificent museums, and enjoy Mexican and American cuisine. If you are in town, be sure not to miss the Guan Ella Pass Scenic Byway, the breath-taking wind of the aspen and pine covering the Colorado Rocky Mountains. One of the most recommended routes is Lake Isabelle and Pawnee Pass which offers access to three beautiful lakes .Going a little further, you will discover the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, which preserves plant and insect fossils, providing a fascinating insight into the history of the natural environment. Be sure to book both guests in advance to secure a place, as certain times of the year can be busy.

6. Boulder

The ubiquitous atmosphere of Boulder is one of the most fascinating, not to mention world-class shopping, fast food, and mountain climbing opportunities. For the best treatments on sale, head to town, where you will find the famous Pearl Street Mall delayed by many restaurants; footpaths full of artists; and different stores. For those who want to escape nature, the Flatiron Mountains are far from the city and offer many amazing routes

7. Peak to Peak Scenic Byway

Driving from Estes Park to the Creek Canyon is a spectacular view of the aspen-covered mountains, old mining towns, national parks, and lakes – all of which are visible and accessible by the magnificent Peak to Peak. Highlights of this route include Rocky Mountain National Park and Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, if you are looking for a real wilderness adventure. Those who want to experience the charms of small townships in the southwest should stop at Central City and Black Hawk to enjoy their magnificent casinos, friendly atmospheres, and spectacular bars and salon offerings.

8. Estes Park

This is a basecamp style city that serves as a gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Surrounded by almost every type of outdoor activity you can imagine, Estes Park is a great place for those who want to have fun. From waterfalls and rowing to snowmobile trails, Estes Park has long been like a great outdoors. However, there is also a thriving commercial side to the city, with more than 300 stores located in the small town area, all for sale from all over the world. On a relaxing day, you can also head into one of the most beautiful places to be found in downtown Estes Park.

9. Lariat Loop

The Lariat Loop National Scenic Byway can be found west of Denver and is a real paradise of the high mountain ranges that form part of the Rocky Mountain range. Here you will find red rock formations at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, among the various unspoiled mountain trails .If you want to date, visit Lever green Lake, the

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