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How to Plan a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Party in 2021

The day a son or daughter becomes a bar mitzvah (boy) or bat mitzvah (girl) is an important part of Jewish parents. And in recent years, it has become the basis for a grand celebration with family and friends.

If you are soon to become one of those proud parents, here are some steps you can take to begin planning your child’s bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. As with any group, always remember your child’s personality and level of attention.

How to Plan a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Party in 2021

Choose your date

The first thing you need to know before planning your party is the day your child will celebrate his or her bar or bat mitzvah in the synagogue. A day may be assigned up to three years in advance, depending on the size of the congregation. Usually, your child’s 13th birthday is approaching.

Plan Your Food and Drink

If you are planning to have a cocktail party before a big meal, here are some common options you can discuss with your host:

Fruit and cheese board.

Carpentry station with beef, grilled beef, and grilled turkey.

Successful hors d’oeuvres.

Cold fish buffet including smoked salmon, whitefish, etc.

Hors d’oeuvres are aimed specifically at children such as slices of pizza or chicken fingers.

Will you have a different kids menu for your party? Another way to save money for your group is to choose one or two less expensive, friendly options for all the kids at your party.

Both the cocktail party and the main reception you will need to decide whether to offer a full or incomplete open bar (wine and beer) in comparison to the total bar of alcoholic beverages. Some parents offer a full open bar during a cocktail party, and it turns into a money bar at the reception.

Sometimes a special menu is offered at the children’s bar, with drinks such as Shirley Temples or smoothies.

Choose Your Theme

It is not necessary to have a theme in one of these groups, but it makes all other editing much easier. The theme is often chosen to reflect the child’s special interests. Here are the launch team opportunities:


All about me (meaning baby bar or bat mitzvah)

Tropical / luau





Favorite books

Favorite sympathy for a child or family

The theme can be tied to decorations, invitations, intermediate items, cake and party favorites.

Send Your Invitations

As with any invitation, you will need to tell your guests all the details of the places and times they will need to be there. Invitations are usually the first place you will show the theme and status of the party events.

Invitations can be formal or informal.

They can be addressed by handwritten or printed calligraphy.

Video invitations have become very popular.

Invitations can be sent to the box with the balloon.

Some parents purchase customized stamps for invitations from Stamp.com.

Rent Your Entertainment

There are many entertainment options available to you, depending on your budget. Whatever you do, remember to choose a good entertainment balance for the different ages of your guests, e.g. For a mixed-age event, you don’t want all the entertainment intended for kids to be more than just wanting to entertain adults, only, and leave kids sitting bored at their desks. Some of the options you will consider include:

Hiring a band compared to disc jockey. If you cost a disc jockey, you can hire them to entertain the kids with games throughout the adult hour.

Casino games for kids during adult hour.

Dancing event games for kids to play during cocktail.

Art and art tables to entertain young children throughout the party.

Will disc jockey be there only for the fun of the kids or should it provide you with their entertainment for adults as well?

Disc jockey can be part of a large entertainment group that includes emcee and dancers to amuse children. They can give away prizes for games and dancing throughout the party.

You can hire a caricaturist to make a caricature for kids and / or adults at your party.

Photo channel for sending guests home with framed photos or key chains.

Music video document with karaoke that can be recorded and streamed later with a link.

Game systems with guess screens around the multiplayer entertainment room.

TV screens for live video party feeds.

Out-of-Town Guest Management

If your guests are going out of town, it is advisable to book a room with a local hotel for the best prices.

greeting your out-of-town guests with a small package left for them at the hotel. The package can include a trip with directions for all weekend events and a small box of chocolates or another thoughtful gift.

Usually, additional party events are planned for out-of-town guests such as a Friday dinner, a breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning, and an unusual reunion at the parents’ home after the official ceremony.

Party Favorites

Party favors are usually given only to children and reflect the theme of the event. The usual party favor is made with the name or initials of the child bar or bat mitzvah. It could be a shirt shirt, shorts, beach towel, or a sports cap. If your theme is a charitable organization, let visitors know that you are making a donation instead of the group’s interests.


Will you hire both a still photographer and video photographer? Be sure to check your synagogue policy regarding photography during the service. Most synagogues only allow photography during practice.

Photographers can interact with guests across the group to create an event video montage.

The candle lighting event has become very popular.



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